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Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBF) is the Philippines' first successful military base conversion into a a tax and duty free zone similar in nature to those in other world class port cities in Asia such as Hong Kong and Singapore. It is operated and managed by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority or SBMA. It basically encompasses the former U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay located in the southwest of Luzon Island in the Philippines and Olongapo City.

SBMA is authorized to do perform the following:

  • manage and develop the ship repair and shipbuilding facilities, container port, as well as the oil storage and refueling stations
  • attract and maintain local and foreign investments to promote the economic and social development of the country primarily in Central Luzon
  • establish and regulate the operation and maintenance of utilities, services and infrastructure;
  • operate directly and indirectly tourism-related activities
  • and protect the Freeport's forests

Subic Bay Freeport Zone hosts four core investment business center and technology park: Central Business District, Subic Gateway, Subic Bay Industrial Park, and Subic Techno Park - that collectively serve as the cornerstones of its progressively dynamic trade and industry. Manufacturing-related businesses; electronic communications technology: marine transportation and cargo shipping; banking; IT park and education are among Subic Bay's commercial ventures that yield investment and consequently generate jobs.

Business Incentives for Foreign and Local Investors

  1. Exemption from all local and national taxes such as ad-valorem and excise taxes. Investors are only required to pay a corporate tax of 5 percent from their gross adjusted income. Subic Bay Freeport Enterprises (SBFEs) may also avail of tax holidays if they register with the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI).
  2. Duty-free importation of raw materials, supplies, capital equipment and other items for consumption within the Freeport.
  3. Foreign investors may invest up to 100% equity in almost any economic activity in the SBF except for businesses where foreign ownership is limited by the Constitution..
  4. There are no foreign exchange controls in the Freeport and full repatriation of profit is allowed.
  5. The SBMA also processes and grants special resident and investor visas. A foreign investor with an investment of at least US$250,000 may be granted a Subic Special Investor Visa. Temporary work permits and Subic Special Work Visas could also be granted to foreign nationals subject to certain requirements.
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