Cebu 20 to 40 Seat Rentals

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Cebu 20 to 40 Seat Rentals

Property Rating:
Humabon Ave.,
Near Corner of Juan Luna Ave.,
North Reclamation Area,
6000 Cebu City

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Cebu 20 to 40 Seat Rentals: Amenities

Details of Call Center Facility:


  • Glass partitions and doors
  • Modular partitions and cubicles
  • Half-reclie type chairs
  • Full desks for managers
  • Spacious cubicle tops for teams


  • Dual Internet providers for load balancing and failover
  • Primary ISP uses a 4Mbps bandwidth-on-demand, aggregated, and dedicated link which is burstable to 10Mbps. Secondary ISP is on DSL
  • 2Mbps CIR and burstable to 5Mbps

IT Infrastructure

  • Primary Servers - 1 Sun x2100 primary domain controller and file server
  • Support Servers - 3 desktop servers for SVN (developers), NFS, and local Proxy
  • Workstations - 48 workstations, mostly on Windows XP Pro, a handful on GNU/Linux distributions
  • Firewalls / Internet Security - 1 FreeBSD server acting as firewall and router
  • Secure FTP Servers - None 

This Cebu Call Center Facility has a 100% Power-backup  (generator set) for Workstations and Servers . They have existing telephone lines, headsets, printers, fax machines, copiers which can be commonly used. Tenants can also get to access the Conference room and Reception. Nothing should be woried for this facilty has 24/7 Security

When it comes to accessibility and convenience, this call center facility is located in the 3rd/floor, it is along the road near SM shopping mall and near to  many other amenities. It is also near seaports with parking space. This is a very conducive working area, air-conditioned office with workstations cubicles.

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