If you're searching for office space in Makati, you'll be locating in one of the most developed commercial centers in the Philippines (2nd to Fort Bonifacio). Makati City is the financial capital of the country and an important Central Business District (CBD). Many foreign multinationals, BPO companies, call centers and contact centers have made Makati their headquarters and are renting office space in Makati, especially along Ayala Avenue, Salcedo Village and Legazpi Village.

Makati City is also a prime location for setting up business operations in the Philippines. Being the largest financial center in the Philippines, Makati City boasts a large number of commercial office space for rent. PEZA buildings are also readily available to foreign and local companies looking to set up business operations in the area.  It is also the most centrally located and desirable location as the rental rates will show. In addition, Makati is well-known for its luxury residential buildings located in Salcedo Village and Legazpi Village.

Makati Space Building Options

  • Rent Makati Class A Office Space. These buildings represent the highest quality buildings in their market. They are generally the most visually appealing buildings with the best construction, and possess high quality building materials and infrastructure. Class A buildings also are well-located (typically along Ayala Ave), have good access, and are professionally managed. As a result of this, they attract the highest quality tenants and also command the highest rents.
  • Rent Makati Class B Office Space. This is the next class down. Class B buildings are generally a little older, but still have good quality management and tenants. Often times, value-added investors target these buildings as investments since well-located Class B buildings can be returned to their Class A status through renovations such as facade and common area improvements. Some buildings along Ayala Ave have received makeovers which have helped lower their vacancy rates.
  • Rent Makati Class C Office Space. The lowest classification of office building and space is Class C. These are older buildings (usually more than 20 years), and are located in less desirable areas and are in need of extensive renovation. Architecturally, these buildings are the least desirable and building infrastructure and technology is out-dated. As a result, Class C buildings have the lowest rental rates, are harder to find tenants, and are often targeted as re-development opportunities.  Companies processing back office work tend to locate here as the office space rent is cheap.

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