Apart from finding the appropriate office space or seat rentals, Foreign companies starting or doing business in the Philippines need to perform a number of key steps to setup a company in the Philippines and start their business.  Whether you are putting up a call center, back office, KPO or IT outsourcing company, below are tasks you would need to accomplish to get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

You first need to determine which type of business vehicle you should register with the Philippines SEC   and other government agencies, whether it be a branch office, representative office or domestic corporation.  Certain outsourcing companies can be fully foreign owned if a certain amount of capital is paid up or a certain percentage of their business if export (service or sales).  Certain foreign, pioneering and outsourcing companies may avail of certain tax incentives and registration with PEZA   or BOI .


Start-up Consulting Services

  • Business Registration - Identify the appropriate business vehicle to register your company the Philippines with only $125 of paid up capital
  • Tax Breaks & Incentives - Determine whether your company can avail of tax incentives with BOI or PEZA
  • HR Recruitment - Source, interview and recruit experienced managers, call center agents, developers and designers
  • Employment Contracts & Manuals - Draft employee manuals and contracts that are compliant with the Labor Code of the Philippines
  • Working Visa and Permits - Process all documents with Department of Labor (DOLE) and Bureau of Immigration for foreign employees
  • Accounting & Payroll- Perform general accounting and payroll as well as remittance to government agencies


Business Registration in the Philippines


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