Situated at the geographical center of the National Capital Region (NCR) and home to over 14 million residents, the city of Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and a thriving commercial and residential center in the country. Its proximity to central business districts (CBDs) like Makati and Ortigas make Manila an ideal residential location, for working class families, and business professionals looking for more affordable apartments and condos for rent. Situated close to major thoroughfares in the city, these condos and apartments for rent offer comfortable accommodations at reasonable prices, and are located in and around secure neighborhoods in Manila.

Historic Manila Bay, one of the finest natural harbors in Southeast Asia, is one of the reasons why condos and apartments for rent in Manila are always in high demand. The bay serves as the primary port of Manila and is famous for its picturesque sunsets. For those who wish to bask in this breathtaking view, condos and apartments for rent are readily available in the Manila Bay area, boasting a wide variety of luxurious accommodations at varying prices.

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