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Coworking - Use of boardroom and other facilities

The coworking space industry experienced its own renaissance after 2005. From becoming a popular search query on Google to the near unstoppable emergence of coworking stations globally, it is this period from the late 2000s until today where coworking has truly grown and thrived as an industry.

2007- Google adds Coworking to its database


Coworking began trending on Google in 2007, quickly becoming a widely searched online query across the U.S. and abroad.

Around the same time, coworking received its own Wikipedia page, making it a fleshed-out industry term. 

2009- "I'm Outta Here!", GCUC, and Coworking's Rise in Germany

Betahaus -berlin -17

The first book on coworking, written by Tony Bacigalupo, Drew Jones, and Todd Sundsted, was published in 2009. Titled "I'm Outta Here! How Coworking Made the Office Obsolete," the work focused on the stratospheric rise of coworking stations and how it sparked an office revolution that led many employees to embrace well-designed coworking stations instead of traditional, cookie-cutter offices.

Over in Europe, Germany's first official coworking space, Betahaus, opened to the public in March 2009. It attracted the media's attention, particularly Spiegel, Germany's biggest news magazine. Germany would then go on to become the first European country to use the term "coworking," as stated by Google Trends.

The Global Coworking Unconference Conference also started in 2009. The GCUC allowed coworkers and coworking space owners alike to gather and discuss current trends and future endeavors for the coworking industry.

2012- Invading Twitter and Global Growth

Throughout 2012, there have been 93,000 tweets with the hashtag "coworking" (according to Topsy), a 52% increase in tweet volume from the previous year. With and without the hashtag, there were more than 217,000 tweets for the entire year, accounting for a 56% uptick in overall tweet volume for the term. During this year's GCUC, Twitter users also tweeted about coworking the most.

The coworking space industry also experienced massive growth over the course of the year, with more than 2,000 coworking spaces worldwide in October.

2013- The Coworking Phenomenon Soars to New Heights

KMC-Flexible -Workspaces -in -Cyber -Sigma -Taguig

Early into 2013, there were more than 100,000 individuals working out of coworking stations globally. This year also welcomed around 1,000 new coworking areas, with the 3000th space having opened in July.

2018- Southeast Asia, the New Coworking Battleground and KMC, the Region's Sleeping Coworking Giant


Aside from GCUC events and thousands of new coworking spaces opening worldwide, the only groundbreaking headlines from 2014-2017 were the emergence of coworking giants such WeWork, TechSpace, and Regus. In 2018 however, many coworking players along with other providers have established operations in a new region, the next coworking arena: Southeast Asia.

WeWork and Regus have penetrated the region, establishing their presence in Singapore and Thailand. But there is one sleeping coworking giant in the region: KMC.

Boasting more than 41,000 sq m of office space across 28 managed workfloors in 16 Grade A buildings across the Philippines, KMC is the largest provider of coworking spaces & serviced office in the country and any one region in Southeast Asia. KMC was also instrumental in shaping the origins of coworking in the country, being one of the first office space providers to offer coworking areas on top of helping companies to do business in the Philippines.

Coworking has come a long way. From its origins as a term that meant something completely different, it is now part of the flexible workspace industry, creating endless opportunities for startups and solopreneurs to prosper. With a positive market forecast  that stretches out all the way to 2030, flexible office spaces will continue to be one of the strongest forces driving the worldwide office space industry, and much of that influence is because of coworking.





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