How to Open a Representative Office in the Philippines

By: Administrator  |   4/7/2009 10:46:28 AM

Registering or Starting a Representative Office

A Representative Office is foreign corporation organized and existing under foreign laws. It does not derive income from the host country and is fully subsidized by its head office. The Representative Office deals directly with clients of the parent company as it undertakes such activities as information dissemination, acts as a communication center and promotes company products, as well as quality control of products for export. A Representative Office in the Philippines is required to have an initial minimum inward remittance in the amount of US$30,000.00 to cover its operating expenses and must be registered with SEC .

Under RA 8756, any multinational company may establish a Regional Headquarters (RHQ) or Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ) as long as they are existing under laws other than the Philippines, with branches, affiliates and subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific Region and other foreign markets.

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