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By: Administrator  |   3/23/2009 7:12:04 AM

Manila, Philippines -- KMC MAG Group has entered into the contact center broker business. KMC has relationships with many of the call centers and BPO companies in Metro-Manila, Philippines including Makati, Ortigas and Fort Bonifacio since we have helped them acquire office space. 

Due to the recent global economical crisis there a number of small and medium size call centers / contact centres and BPO companies that have recently lost clients from the US and other Western countries.  As a result, their operational expenses are starting to exceed their revenues.  Some of these distressed call centers/contact centres are looking to acquisition, partnerships, additional investment or joint ventures with other companies interested in setting up operations in Metro-Manila and other parts of the Philippines.

"This is a fantastic way to enter the Contact Center market in the Philippines. Especially since you can acquire equipment for $0.10 to $0.20 on the $1." says KMC MAG Group's Director Michael McCullough.

To learn more about Contact Center acquisition, contact the director of the Contact Center Acquisition Team, Rachelle Abella for more information.




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