Setting Up an Office

By: Administrator  |   12/19/2008 12:30:34 AM

Setting up an office is expensive and takes up a lot of time. It is very important to do it right, as this is the base of your business. Most businesses start small and on a shoe string budget. You need to make a list of essentials that you must have to get started, and then further down the list things that would be nice to have.

First off you have to have furniture and a phone or other method of communication such as email depending on your business type. How are clients/customers going to contact you otherwise?

Office furniture can be extremely pricey, so consider going to auctions and getting second hand furniture. eBay is an excellent place to source office furniture at reasonable prices, from desks to pencil holders to filing cabinets. Try to buy quality items, it makes more fiscal sense in the long run, otherwise you will be replacing things constantly.

Plan your office space efficiently; make sure you take measurements, it's no good ordering a desk that can't get through the door. If you expect visitors to come to your office, think about their requirements as well.

What electrical appliances are you going to need? Will you need a photocopier? If so choose one that can handle the expected workload. Will you need a fax or printer? A computer is a useful addition to any business. Will you need stationary or business cards? Phone around to suppliers to find a good quote.

What legal implications are there going to be? Find out about business insurance, employers liability insurance. Will you need to have a fire or safety inspection? You don't want to be closed down before you even begun.

Planning ahead is such an important part of setting up your business. You've come up with a great idea, now you just need to get organized so you can act on it.


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