Cebu property firm to expand IT park

By: Administrator  |   12/19/2008 1:03:43 AM

To meet the increasing demand for commercial spaces, the Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation (CPVDC) is planning to expand the 1.26 hectare Asiatown IT Park to two nearby lots of 12,633 square meters.

The Cebu City Government referred for further study a request for the issuance of a clearance endorsing the expansion program of CPVDC, the owner of Asiatown IT Park.

The council referred the request to the committee on urban planning and the city zoning board for study.

Councilor Nestor Archival furnished the council on March 7 with a draft resolution seeking the issuance of a clearance for CPVDC's expansion program located in Barangay Apas.

The IT Park is home to 30 multinational companies employing at least 6,000 people as of January 2007. Their workforce is expected to increase to 10,000 by the end of the year.

"The Asiatown IT Park stands as a well-planned economic zone and modern trading hub and envisions to attract locators in the information technology services like software development, content development, hardware design, research and development services," said Archival's resolution.

The IT Park was declared an information technology special economic zone on February 27, 2001 with the issuance of Presidential Proclamation No. 12.

Archival said CPVDC is now seeking to expand their operation to two nearby lots.

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) board issued an October 2006 pre-qualification clearance for the "annexation" or the expansion program that CPVDC wanted to embark on.

But they needed to secure a council endorsement before a Presidential Proclamation may be issued authorizing the annexation, said Archival.

"We can't be extending benefits (granted to the Asiatown IT Park) to its accessory if the accessory does not conform with the requirement imposed on the principal," Vice Mayor Michael Rama said.

Rama said there is a need to show the council that the expansion program has complied with the requirements imposed by PEZA.

Councilor Edgardo Labella also wanted to be clarified if the council's grant of an endorsement will not contradict with their earlier stand to impose a moratorium on any developments along Governor Cuenco Ave.

While the IT Park uses Salinas Drive as its main access, it is located near Gov. Cuenco Avenue, said Labella.

"It's not that we wish to stop their expansion program but we have to put it into the proper perspective," said Rama.

Councilors have opted to temporarily suspend any action on Archival's request while waiting for comments from the committee on urban planning and the city zoning board.


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